SOBER Bye Laws

The Society of Bahria Enclave Residents (SOBER) operates under a set of bylaws designed to ensure the well-being, harmony, and structured management of the community. One of the pivotal aspects of these bylaws is the financial contribution required from every resident to support the maintenance, development, and communal activities of the society. According to these bylaws, every resident is mandated to pay an annual fee of Rs. 1200. This recurring fee helps in the regular upkeep and enhancements deemed essential for the society. In addition to the yearly charges, there’s a one-time joining fee of Rs. 1000 for every new resident. This initiation fee is utilized to facilitate the integration of the new member into the community and cover any administrative costs associated with their inclusion. The bylaws, including these fee structures, are crucial for the transparent and progressive functioning of SOBER, ensuring that all residents contribute fairly to the collective growth and prosperity of the Bahria Enclave community.

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