Emergency Services

ServiceTimingsPhone NumberAddress
LPG Cylinders9 AM to 5 PM0336-5690210
Bahria Enclave Welfare Gas Point
Sector M, Near City Center Mall
Medical Emergency and AmbulanceOpen 24/7(051) 2721054Park, Urban Blvd, Sector A Bahria Enclave, Islamabad
Health CareOpen 24/7051-2721044
Park, Urban Blvd, Sector A Bahria Enclave, Islamabad
Police Station (Bani Gala)Open 24/7051-92553399
Police Station (Nelor)Open 24/7051-2207072
RescueOpen 24/71122
Bahria Security & Fire BrigadeOpen 24/7051-2721052
Bahria Services
Security24 hours051-2721053Bahria Services
Facilitation Office9 AM to 5 PM051-8487888Bahria Services

Bahria Enclave, one of the premier real estate developments in Pakistan, prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. To address any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, the management has instituted specific emergency phone numbers that residents and visitors can dial. These numbers cover a range of emergencies, including medical emergencies, fire outbreaks, security threats, and other unexpected situations. The dedicated helplines ensure prompt responses from relevant departments, be it medical teams, fire brigades, or security forces. The provision of these numbers showcases Bahria Enclave’s commitment to offering a secure and responsive environment to its inhabitants. It’s always recommended for residents and visitors to have these numbers readily available or saved in their mobile devices for quick access in times of need.

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