Caution’s for Pet Dog’s Owner’s in Bahria Enclave

SOP for Dogs Owners in Bahria Enclave

Pet dog’s bite cases are increasing day by day in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Management of BE has decided to adopt strict measures in order to avoid happening of any such incident in BE. The pet dogs owner’s are therefore cautioned as follows:
a- Whenever dog is taken out for walk, it must be chained with mouth guard (muffle) all the times. In case of violation, following penalties will be imposed.
i- On first occasion Rs.25,000/
ii- On repetition of violation a penalty of Rs.50,000/– and the owner will not be allowed to keep dog in BE any more.
b- In case of dog bite, a penalty of Rs.1,00,000/– will be imposed, in addition to full hospital expenditures will also be paid by the dog owner to the victim’s family.

Management Bahria Enclave

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