Property Taxes and BE Residents Concerns

The proposed revisions to Property Tax, Water Conservancy Charges, and Solid Waste Management (SWM) Fees within the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), as announced by the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and the Capital Development Authority (CDA), have sparked significant discussions among the residents of Bahria Enclave. These changes, aiming to bridge the revenue-expenditure gap for municipal services, also highlight underlying concerns of the residents regarding the provision of essential utilities and regulatory approvals.

The Core of Residents’ Concerns

While the residents of Bahria Enclave understand the necessity of revising taxes and charges to improve municipal services, there is a growing unease about the lack of No Objection Certificates (NOCs), Sui Gas, and piped water supply. These essential services are critical for the daily lives of the residents and their absence has been a point of contention, especially with the proposed increases in charges.

Residents argue that the imposition of higher taxes and fees should come with a guarantee of improved services. The absence of a NOC complicates property ownership and transfer processes, while the lack of Sui Gas and reliable water supply directly affects the quality of life. As such, the community urges the CDA to address these fundamental issues as part of the tax revision process.

Overview of Proposed Changes

1. Property Tax: The revision affects both residential and commercial properties. For instance, in Bahria Enclave, the proposed rates for residential properties vary significantly based on plot size, reflecting an increased financial burden on homeowners.

  • For a 5 Marla property: Rs. 31,800
  • For an 8 Marla property: Rs. 72,000
  • For a 10 Marla property: Rs. 72,000
  • For a 1 Kanal property: Rs. 225,500

2. Water Charges: Proposed increases in water charges emphasize the need for sustainable water management but also highlight the lack of access to municipal water supply for some residents, necessitating the provision of piped water.

3. Conservancy and SWM Fees: The proposed updates to conservancy charges and SWM fees underscore the residents’ expectations for improved waste management and cleanliness in return for these fees.

Residents’ Plea for Essential Services

The residents of Bahria Enclave and similar areas are calling for the CDA to ensure the provision of essential services alongside the imposition of new taxes. They argue that the financial contributions through increased taxes should be reciprocated by the municipality in the form of essential services, including the issuance of NOCs, provision of Sui Gas, and access to a reliable water supply.


The proposed tax and fee revisions in the ICT, including Bahria Enclave, have brought to the fore the residents’ concerns regarding essential utilities and regulatory approvals. As the community braces for these changes, there is a collective call for the CDA to address these concerns, ensuring that the imposition of higher charges is accompanied by the provision of critical services. This approach not only aligns with the residents’ expectations but also fosters a more cooperative relationship between the municipality and its citizens, paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive urban development.

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