Urging CDA to Grant NOC to Bahria Enclave and Safeguard Residents’ Interests

The recent decision by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to reclaim 510 kanals of land from Bahria Enclave has caused considerable concern among the residents. While the CDA’s enforcement actions aim to address illegal encroachments, it is crucial to recognize the legitimate interests of the residents who have invested their life savings in these properties.

Bahria Enclave has been home to many families who have built their lives and communities there. The sudden sealing of plazas and properties not only disrupts the daily lives of these residents but also undermines their sense of security and stability. The residents are not responsible for the legal disputes between CDA and Bahria Town; they are, however, entitled to a safe and stable living environment.

Granting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Bahria Enclave, contingent upon the resolution of land ownership issues, would be a pragmatic approach. This action would reassure residents that their investments are protected and that their community will continue to thrive. Moreover, the CDA could establish a monitoring mechanism to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and prevent future encroachments.

The CDA’s mission includes urban development and the welfare of Islamabad’s residents. By collaborating with Bahria Enclave to resolve the current issues, the CDA can demonstrate its commitment to protecting the interests of all stakeholders. Residents deserve clarity and assurance that their homes are secure, and their rights are respected.

In conclusion, the CDA should consider granting the NOC to Bahria Enclave, ensuring proper legal frameworks are followed, and prioritizing the well-being of its residents. This balanced approach will foster trust and contribute to a harmonious resolution that benefits both the authorities and the community.

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