Death of Raja Javed Iqbal from Bahria Enclave

An era came to an end yesterday with the passing away of Javed Iqbal Raja, a community elder & a loyal friend. He was both an ideologue & a phenomenon; a marvel & an enigma. He had endless energy to pursue a good cause. He was soft, everready to correct himself. Good at heart, Raja was cordial to everyone & foe of none. He was compassionate & forgiving. Lying to him was like showing a red rag.
Raja fostered harmony & brotherhood. He was quick to renounce enmity. Unknown, and strangers would visit his hermitage to take his counsel. Almost everyday, many would call him to help resolve their complaints & community issues. He was misunderstood by some for which the latter suffered from a lapse of judgement.
In spring, 2019, I have had the honour of meeting him for the first time at a community-management meeting, chaired by Col. Tanveer. Raja impressed with his outspokenness, courage & conviction.
He was a storehouse of information, past & present, about life & developments. Beneficiaries of his work included maids, widows, & blue-collard labour & helpless residents. He offered his shoulders to every aggrieved. On days, more residents would seek his help than those approaching the Facilitation Office.

He was an embodiment of altruism. Warm, friendly, and selfless, he was always willing to help others without expecting anything in return. He was kind & compassionate. Among others, what impressed most was his undying spirits, and fierce resistance against injustice & falsehood. We will live with his memory, fondly recalling his services to the community.
Adios Javed Iqbal Raja. May the departed soul rest in eternal peace & be granted an exalted place in Jannat-ul-Firdaous. We are standing in a queue, and shall join your heavenly abode as soon as decreed.
Please join in reciting Dua-e-Maghfarat for late Raja Sahib. 

Iftikhar Kazmi

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