Security Pass Form

The process of issuing a security pass for domestic workers within the community is marked by a comprehensive protocol, ensuring the safety and integrity of the neighborhood. To facilitate this, residents seeking to obtain a security pass for their domestic workers must adhere to a set of specified requirements. Initially, they must provide a photocopy of their own CNIC to verify their residency and identity. Alongside this, two photocopies of the domestic worker’s CNIC are required, serving as a fundamental identity verification step. In addition to the CNIC photocopies, two 1-inch size photographs of the worker are also necessary for visual identification on the pass. Once all documentation is compiled, a nominal fee of Rs. 50 is to be paid as the security pass issuance fee. This structured procedure not only ensures the seamless management of domestic worker access but also upholds the security standards of the community.

  1. Requirements
    • Photocopy of CNIC of the Resident
    • 2x Photocopies of CNIC of the Worker
    • 2x Photographs (1″ Size) of Worker
    • Rs. 50 Security Pass Fee

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