Today, I paid a farewell call on Brig. (R) Shehzada Imtiaz, Project Director (PD). I was accompanied by GS, Mr. Muhammad Anwer Usmani. All senior Managers assisted PD.
Among others, I raised the following issues, making a full, detailed case of each one of them. Responding, PD & his team gave us to understand the following:

  1. Full-spectrum Farooq hospital in C Sector will be operational well before June, 2024;
  2. Negotiations with Maya Gas (MG) are afoot. Soon after conclusion of the negotiations, MG shall set up a gasification plant (of either LPG or LNG) to supply gas to each BE house with a meter installed;
  3. No encroachment will be allowed either in front or at rear of the house. The existing illegally built structures shall be demolished;
  4. Bachelor hostel, set up in B-1 Sector, is being disallowed. Owners of the two buildings have been directed to get them vacated. No commercial activity is permissible in residential areas;
  5. Payment for empty cylinders is necessary. Data base of cylinder holders is being updated. Payment in instalments has been agreed by FONGAS after hectic negotiations;
  6. Garbage dump in Sector-I will be so improvised by digging a large “Khadda” as to throw the remnant waste in it;
  7. Decentralisation of procedure for house completion certificate is called for. It is required to monitor, and physically check the house concerned before issuing a final certificate;
  8. The designated group of about 12 excavators shall not be allowed to overcharge house builders. Non-registered excavators cannot be encouraged to operate. There are a serious risks involved if they are allowed to work inside BE;
  9. Barring rare exceptions, there are no complaints of construction water supply. This service is in order;
  10. 500 rupees for additional quantity of water, in excess of its standard supply, is a fair charge;
  11. Builders of 5, 8 & 10 Marla houses shouldn’t pay more than 5K, 8K, & 10K rupees respectively to IESCO contractors for inhouse inspection of their electricity infrastructure. Please always ask for a payment receipt;
  12. MSM officials undertook to further strengthen security, especially in regard to driving by underage children, bike riders sans light, and registration plate.
    I thanked PD for his support & cooperation, and that of his team, extended to SOBER-2 during its term. He was appreciative of our efforts for sensitising the Management, and to improving life, social harmony, and environment in BE. While bidding farewell, I told PD that talented members of SOBER would follow us. I requested him to keep this engagement uninterrupted with our successors. He graciously agreed.

Iftikhar Hussain Kazmi,
President, SOBER
28 Nov. 2023.

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