Agenda for a farewell call & business meeting between SOBER & senior management officials (28 Nov)

  1. Recovery of cost of empty cylinder in instalments (5500 @460). Confusion: many have already returned; some purchased their own. Data base is required to be upgraded. In principle, residents shouldn’t be charged. No NOC, no Sui gas;
  2. Case of a bachelor hostel. Tenants keep changing. Written/verbal complaint was filed about three months ago with multiple follow ups. Families were assured that owners will be called in and action taken. This hostel, located in residential area is both a security threat, as also an invasion of privacy of families. It is a commercial activity. (B1 street 10/1, House 27,25)
  3. Garbage dump in Sector-I. Stinking even after removal of garbage;
  4. Decentralisation of procedure for house completion certificate; Residents are running from pillar to post, from one to another office. It’s a big wastage of time; harassment, and open to malpractices. Need for restoration of the status quo. One window, one-time charge, and time-bound delivery of service is requested;
  5. Cartelization of services: e.g, excavation of 5 Marla house. Earlier 50K. Now, 175 to 200K. Excavators are reported to have registered themselves with BEI Mgt @ 100K rupees. The cartelization has increased the cost of construction. This profiteer group doesn’t allow non-registered companies to do excavation at lower cost. Reports suggest that similar cartelzation is being set up for such services as shuttering, and other works.
  6. Construction water supply is inconsistent, insufficient, not organised;
  7. 500 rupees for extra supply of water, in excess of its standard supply. Not fair. What exactly is the standard water supply?
  8. Why new house builders are being asked to have their inhouse electricity infrastructure checked by IESCO, and pay an extra amount of Rs. 25K?
  9. No piped gas supply in the foreseeable future. I-P, and TAPI gas pipelines. Long haul. Return development charges on account of gas?
  10. Gasification of LPG/LNG and supplying them to residents with installed meters;
  11. Security. MSM to be more active. Interdiction of unauthorised persons, beggars. Apprehension of underage, unlicensed child-drivers. Lahore DHA is a case in point (6 lives perished), silencer-free bike riders, and motorists, especially on Enclave avenue. Bikes riders without lights, and number plates; one-wheel driving;
  12. Street:6, A-Sector, in the viccinity of a park, some residents are building rooms for domestic helpers, etc, at the rear of their houses. May turn into a slum;
  13. Building of new mosques, in accordance with the CDA’s LOP, & upkeep of the existing mosques;
  14. Facilitation Office: Complaint registration number is not being texted to residents.

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