SOBER Annual General Body Meeting 2023

The SOBER Annual General Body meeting was held today, marking another year of growth, change, and reflection. Here’s a breakdown of the key points from the meeting:

Recitation of Quran

The meeting began on a spiritual note, with heartfelt recitations from the Holy Quran. This segment served as a moment of reflection and reverence, reminding all attendees of the higher values that guide the group’s endeavors.

Naat Sharif

Following the Quranic recitation, attendees were treated to a soulful rendition of Naat Sharif, which further set the tone for the meeting’s proceedings.

Financial Statement by Finance Secretary

The financial outlook for SOBER was elaborated upon in detail:

  • Increase in the SOBER Funds: The organization witnessed a commendable growth in funds this year. The specifics of this growth were shared to showcase SOBER’s financial health.
  • Expenses: A significant portion of the expenses were dedicated to litigations against Misc Electric Charges among other areas. The specifics provided a clear picture of how the funds were allocated and used over the past year.

Achievements of Last Year

  • Reregistration with ICT: One of the standout accomplishments of the year was the successful reregistration of SOBER with the ICT.
  • Areas of Potential Growth: While the reregistration was a major milestone, it was highlighted that there weren’t many significant achievements beyond this. It was discussed how SOBER can potentially help and guide further growth.
  • Pending Projects: Projects like NOC, SuiGas, establishment of mosques in Phase II, and a hospital remained pending. Concerns were raised about the management’s perceived reluctance to make progress in these areas.

Approval of Draft of Amendments in SOBER Constitution

Some notable amendments were introduced and approved during the meeting:

  • A one-time fee of Rs.1000 and an annual charge of Rs.1200 for members.
  • To ensure broader representation, two additional reserved seats for females will be introduced, nominated by the President and the Executive Committee.
  • The tenure of SOBER office bearers has been reduced from 3 years to 2 years, ensuring fresher ideas and a more dynamic leadership approach.

Tea Party

Post the formal proceedings, attendees were invited to a tea party. This casual gathering allowed members to interact, share their views, and build stronger connections.

Questions and Answers

A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to a Q&A session, where residents raised their concerns, sought clarifications, and offered suggestions. This interactive segment demonstrated the organization’s commitment to transparency and engagement with its community.

In summary, the SOBER Annual General Body Meeting highlighted both the achievements and the challenges ahead. As the organization prepares for another year, it remains committed to serving its community better and building a brighter future for all its members.

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