The Election Supervisory Committee (ESC) is kickstarting the nomination process for candidates on 22nd November 2023, setting in motion a tight schedule that culminates with the polling day on 3rd December. This rigorous procedure involves scrutiny, appeals, and the eventual transfer of responsibilities within SOBER

  1. Submission of Nomination Papers (together with a copy each of the candidate’s CNIC, and the ownership of property in BE) to the Election Supervisory Committee (ESC) starts from 22 November, 2023;
  2. Last date for submission of Nomination Papers: 23 November, 2023;
  3. Scrutiny of Nomination Papers: 24-25 November, 2023;
  4. Last date for filing appeal to the Appellate Authority (AA) against acceptance or rejection of Nomination Papers by 27 November, 2023. AA shall adjudicate such petitions, and announce judgement thereon, on the same date, 27 November, 2023;
  5. Last date for withdrawal of Nomination Papers: 28 November, 2023;
  6. Final list of candidates shall be announced by ESC by 29 November, 2023;
  7. Polling Day: 3 December, 2023. (Time 11 am to 3 pm)
  8. Announcement of results shall be announced by ESC immediately after the counting of votes on the same day in the presence of polling agents;
  9. Transfer of responsibility from SOBER-2 to SOBER-3 shall be completed on the same day, i.e, 3 December, 2023.

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