On calling FO this morning, I was delighted to listen to an inspiring audio message about the launching of Peshawar Bahria Town (PBT). Promises are made about the international standards of the town, and its infrastructure, e.g, roads, parks, Masa’ajid, and school. What struck me most was the promise of a free, yes free, Hospital.
It is not for us to compare what was promised to other Bahria Towns, and what was actually delivered. There is little doubt that facilities in these towns are still better than many other housing schemes, both in the private, and public sectors.
Old residents opine that similar, if not more attractive promises, were made on the eve of launching of Bahria Enclave (BE) in 2010.
Successes of BE are many: wide roads, environment-friendly green areas, parks, and sports fields; Jamia Masa’ajid, satellite mosques; ever-growing commercial outlets; no load-shedding; 70% houses are being supplied with piped water. largely quick problem solving mechanism, once pointed out.
PROBLEM AREAS: No full-facility hospital (We are not asking for free hospital, similar to what is being promised to PBT) No further piped gas; No direct access to Park Road; No cinema; Harassment in approvals, and NOCs at various stages of construction; unbridled Thekedars; lack of ICT & health facilities in phase-2; Lack of intra-BE public transport; Periodic testing of quality of water; Improvement in services against their rising charges, etc.
We wish PBT a resounding success. We in BE are not children of the lesser God. Promises made to us years ago are required to be redeemed. 

Iftikhar Kazmi

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