My able colleagues, VP, Mr. Tariq Fareed, and GS, Mr. Usmani have comprehensively reported on the outcome of SOBER’s meeting with the Mgt. hosted by the latter yesterday.
My own assessment is summarised below:

  1. Misc. Electricity Charges: Mgt. has removed this item from the agenda for dialogue with SOBER. We were told that now the issue was subjudice. It would only resume talking to us on this subject if the section of residents that moved the case against BTPL for Stay Order, is withdrawn. It gave the impression that some additional relief might be considered only thereafter. It declined to quantify it;
  2. Full spectrum hospital is unlikely to see light of the day before another 2-3 years. However, this project is being vigorously pursued, and huge investment made;
  3. Piped gas will remain a dream. Chairman, BTPL, Malik Riaz Hussain sb. has personally spoken to a contact at the highest political level on this subject. The latter’s reply wasn’t too helpful. Gas production is not enough. Demand outstrips supply. At this stage, BTPL hesitates to invest over Rs. 500 million in infrastructure development if the gas doesn’t run in pipes in the foreseeable future;
  4. Work is in progress on piped water supply. Once it is done, water meters shall be installed at each house;
  5. Solar net-metering is in order. It is calculated after every quarter, in accordance with NEPRA rules;
  6. Upkeep, and maintenance of Masa’ajid shall be improved;
  7. Water quality is checked after every three months. Mgt will henceforth share laboratory tests with residents;
  8. Wherever appropriate, shade-giving trees shall be planted in frontyard of Jamia Masjid, A-Sector;
  9. Utility of too many plastic/rubber speed breakers shall be examined. Car-damaging, among them, shall be removed. (A major car/bike accident is reported almost everyday. Unsure, how road safety can be improved amid rash, irresponsible driving, including driving by underage children):
  10. WORK IN PROGRESS: Rapid processing of documents at Head Office; Stoppage of unlicensed bike riders, driving sans number plates, and lights; Issues concerning stray cows & dogs; Working hours for labour & rationalisation of Street lights.
    (24-5-2023) Iftikhar Kazim

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