SOBER Executive Committee (EC) held a meeting today (1 May) to discuss a host of issues with main focus on the unresolved issue of Miscellaneous Electricity Charges (MECs) included in BE Maintenance Bill. The EC expressed grave concern and dismay over the apathy of BE management regarding the redressal of the issue and the promised 2nd review to give relief to residents in MECs.

SOBER has vehemently pursued the MECs issue in line with the unanimous decision taken during Community Meeting on 23 March 2023, and kept the residents updated on the written and in-person interactions with the management regarding this issue. SOBER officials have been continuously sensitizing and reminding the residents about the 23 March Community Meeting decision of “Not Paying Maintenance Bill Until Unfair MECs Are Withdrawn.”

EC meeting decided to take a legal course on redressal of the MECs issue. During the 23 March Community Meeting, Shahid Ali sb along with other lawyers volunteered to assist in filing a case of stay order against MECs. SOBER is grateful to Shahid sb for his cooperation and taking lead, and authorizes him to help file stay order for residents (who want to). He has already done a lot of work in this regard and engaged a lawyer.

The residents, who have already financially contributed for the legal action, are requested to give their consent if they want to be a petitioner for stay order, since for stay order, individual applications are filed. They can give their consent by contacting SOBER Finance Secretary Dr. Aamir Ihsan (Ph 0321-5165330). The other residents, who want to be a petitioner for stay order, can directly reach out Shahid sb for queries regarding legal proceedings, documents, finances etc.

SOBER stands firm on the decision taken during the 23 March Community Meeting and appeals to the residents “Do Not Pay Maintenance Bill Until Unfair MECs Are Withdrawn.”

(Muhammad Anwer Usmani, General Secretary, SOBER,

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