We have received Services Bill for April, 2023 today. Regrettably, it added Misc. Services Charges (MSCs), previously known as Misc. Electricity Charges (MECs) to the Bill. Both of these charges, far in excess than many other premier housing societies, have been defined in the Bill. They are self explanatory, except the maintenance, and consumption of street lights, i.e, 50%, that are being charged twice.
SOBER has been in touch with the Mgt. stressing it to rapidly announce the promised, 2nd relief under MECs. (now MSCs) On several occasions in the last two months, we were informed that it was under review. It advised residents to pay the bill, and the charges may be adjusted as soon as the 2nd review relief was announced. The Mgt.’s slow decision-making process remains incomprehensible, contrasting it with today’s speed of new technologies, and corporate efficiency.
It is high time for residents to seriously think over this issue. We have to consider if our no-payment policy helps achieve our objective; or we should just resign to it, and start paying the maintenance bill, inclusive of MSCs. SOBER is of the view that we should persist in the non-payment until they are withdrawn or in lieu thereof, 2nd review relief is quickly announced.
Please remember, while taking part in such campaigns, there are always risks, and challenges. Petty fines or surcharge shouldn’t deter us to achieve greater objectives. If we don’t resist the unjust MSCs today, the Mgt. will always find space to increase maintenance, and services charges in future, for one or the other reason. When SOBER gives this policy guideline, it only voices a larger community sentiment. Those of us who may disagree with this argument are at liberty to take whatever action they deem appropriate. However, there is a greater chance of success if we stay united, and take common action. 
15- 5-2023

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