Today, SOBER Executive Committee (EC), headed by Mr. Iftikhar Kazmi, held a meeting with BE management led by PD Brig. Shahzada along with department heads. Following were discussed and decided:

Top of the agenda was the issue of the unjust increase in maintenance charges, for which SOBER has released a separate statement.

Complete Hospital: SOBER conveyed residents’ concerns regarding inadequate health facilities in BE and the demand for a complete hospital. The EC was informed about the progress in this regard that the complete design (based on more than 300 drawings) of the hospital along with a medical and dental college has been submitted to CDA. A heavy amount for scrutiny fee has also been deposited, meaning the owner is working on it. However, the management was asked to press the owner of Farooq hospital to complete it as soon as possible.

MSM and security related issues: It was decided that working hours for laborers will be 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The issue of the presence of beggars in BE was raised in the meeting. MSM ensured that measures will be taken to control beggars through strict monitoring.

Water related issues: SOBER expressed serious concerns over the quality of water provided through bousers, pipes and at filtration plants and informed the management about the issue of contaminated and dirty water. PD took note of the issue and directed the concerned to address it and share test reports of water filtration plants.
SOBER repeated the demand for supplying piped water to all sectors and asked the management to expedite the process.
The management also promised to address complaints regarding domestic water and construction water and streamline the supply.

Piped Gas: EC was informed that there are issues with SNGPL. Not an encouraging situation in this regard since BE is reluctant to spend heavy amount on laying infrastructure until the government ensures gas supply.

Mosque maintenance: Residents’ concerns regarding poor mosque maintenance in some sectors were conveyed. The management promised to improve things.

Tree plantation plan on front yard of Sector A mosque was also discussed and PD directed the concerned to work on it. Trees/plants will be planted around Sector B mosque as well.

Streetlights: LED lights will be installed on main avenues.

Delays in document processing (possession, construction, drawings) will be sorted out and the system will be streamlined.

Extra speed breakers on main roads and streets will be removed and new ones will be built where necessary for safety.
SOBER EC members who attended the meeting are President Iftikhar Kazmi, VP Tariq Farid, GS and JS Khawar Idrees and GS SOBER Muhammad Anwer Usmani.

Muhammad Answer Usmani
General Secretary SOBER 
23 May 2023

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