Residents concerns over MECs are understandable as the last date for payment of the Maintenance Bill gets closer to the deadline.
SOBER made the residents’ case repeatedly heard at the highest level, both in person, and in writing. Mgt. reiterated that the full withdrawal of MECs was out of the question for reasons of inflation; 2nd relief was under review; pending it, residents may pay the Maintenance Bill, and that it would be subsequently adjusted whenever the 2nd relief was announced. On being asked, Mgt. declined to give a specific timeframe of the 2nd relief. We were never impressed with this cryptic reply.
Some of us get unnerved on account of paying the late fee charges. Little do we know that while taking on a formidable opposition, there are always challenges; there are risks. If we don’t take these challenges head on, we will always end up a loser. SOBER urges residents to show their resolve, and stay steadfast. With this reaction, we may succeed in faring better in this campaign, while building a fence against such future acts of unjustified overcharging.
Please stay united, and withhold the payment of MECs.
P.S. As law-abiding citizens, we should immediately pay the Maintenance Bill without MECs. We dispute only the latter, not the former.
Please convey this message as far, and as wide as possible among BEI residents.
24 April, 2023.

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