Code of Conduct for the upcoming SOBER Elections To be held at the end of this year. Following are the key points.

  1. SOBER is a non-political & non-sectarian, voluntary welfare organisation. Each candidate is expected to respect the core values of the Constitution of SOBER;
  2. Election campaign shall come to an end on 30 November, 2023;
  3. Voters are urged to vote for candidates of their choice, in droves, without fear or favour. This act alone will strengthen democracy, and institutionally revitalise SOBER;
  4. BE residents are educated, decent & well behaved citizens. As voters, they are not expected to go violent or bad-mouth against any member of the community, or a candidate;
  5. Sloganeering is not allowed within 100 meter radius of the polling station;
  6. Voters shall not be bussed to the polling station by candidates;
  7. At their own expense, individuals & groups may set up their polling offices at least 100 meters away from the polling station. 

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