NAYATEL CRUISES FORWARD IN Bahria Enclave PHASE-2 (Sector J and N)

We have learnt from credible sources that work is advancing with speed in sectors J&N, far from the proverbial drawing board. NAYATEL has obtained some approvals, and NOCs from quarters concerned, while others are in the pipeline. Just four streets are left in Sector J. Full NAYTEL coverage is expected to be given to this sector by the first half of November, this year.
Sector-wise state of ICT development is as follows:
Sector J (Remaining civil work area is 3Km, including commercial zone);
Timeline: 3 months, provided road crosses are cleared by BEI Mgt;
Pulling jointing timeline, 15 days;

Sector N:
Civil work completed: 7Km
Civil work remaining: 10Km
Civil work timeline: 6 months
Pulling jointing timeline: 1 month.
Given the pace of work, and hurdles, some surmountable, and others unknown at this stage, Sectors J&N should have full ICT coverage by March, next year, if all goes well, and as planned.
It is an optimistic forecast. Fingers crossed.

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