General Body Meeting of SOBER

A General Body Meeting is scheduled to be held at 10:00 am, on Saturday, 21 October, 2023, at Al-Ibrahimi complex, Sector-A.

All members are cordially invited to attend.
Non-member residents are welcome to apply for membership of SOBER, and attend this event. For this purpose, a Facilitation Counter will be set up at the venue.


  1. Report Card of SOBER for the period from October, 2022 to this date;
  2. Financial Statement (Lead Speaker, Finance Secretary);
  3. Approval to a package of amendments in the Constitution of SOBER;
  4. Status of Re-registration of SOBER under new laws;
  5. Formation of Election-holding Committee (Lead speaker, Mr. Sabah Mufti);
  6. Open-discussion;
  7. Any other item with the approval of the Chair.
    Please mark this event in your calendar of activities for next month.

(Iftikhar Hussain Kazmi)
President, SOBER

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