Called on senior MSM officials this morning to take stock of the security situation in BEI. Among others, we were told that 45 residents had informed MSM, by filling up necessary proforma, about their travel to their native towns before last Eid. MSM guards, at its various tiers, ensured the safety of precincts of these houses during holidays. On return, each resident was asked to check the state of his house, and accordingly sign a document. To our pleasant surprise, it was learned that MSM guards had marked 157 houses on its own, whose households were also away during Eid, but they chose not to inform so to MSM. Taking no chances, guards took pains to periodically visiting unoccupied houses with a view to checking their security. Impressive forward thinking!
A C-1 resident was unfortunately the sole victim of theft during Eid recess. This case is under investigation both by MSM, and local police. They are working on some leads.
We raised such security-related issues as omnipresence of beggars, and “aliens”; unregistered, non-lighted motorcycles; traffic violations by residents; and silencer-free milk-selling bikers. MSM held out assurances that remedial action will be taken on these issues forthwith.

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