Last week, I filed an application to NEPRA, pursuant to its Notice, inviting “intervention” from stakeholders in the wake of BTPL’s request to the Authority for obtaining electricity distribution license for Bahria Enclave. In the prayer section, among others, I sought the following relief:
“NEPRA, in its own judgment, and criteria, may consider issuing a new distribution license to BTPL only if it:
i. Guarantees that it would charge residents of Bahria Enclave the same electricity tariffs that are applicable to consumers of the service territory of IESCO; and,
ii. Upgrades its electricity distribution infrastructure, in accordance with the specifications, as drawn by IESCO. BTPL’s claim that it has installed a “state of the art” grid, and other infrastructure facilities has been disputed by IESCO in the recent past.”

  1. A public hearing on the issue is expected to be held at NEPRA shortly.

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